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Instructor: Rado Randriamamonjy


With over 20 years of guitar teaching experience to his name, Rado has helped dozens of aspiring guitarists achieve their musical goals. He continues to enjoy the rewards of seeing his students grow and improve, and looks forward to all his lessons each week.


Unlike many guitar teachers, who have little or no training in teaching, Rado is a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, where he is regularly trained by guitar expert Tom Hess to continually improve as a guitar teacher, and musician. Rado is always looking for ways he can add value to every student's learning experience, so he can help them progress to where they want to go, with minimal time and frustration.


It was picking up his first guitar, one that was given to him for his 14th birthday, that led Rado to his fascination with the guitar.   Over the last 15 or so years, he has translated his passion for music and guitar into a blossoming career as a full-time guitar instructor and musician.


Rado himself has had many teachers over the years.  He  studied  jazz guitar with Joe Federico, where he learned the fundamentals of guitar - essential techniques, and scale and fretboard knowledge.  He also studied jazz and rock guitar with Dave Manley, one of RnB artist Jill Scott's touring guitarist. With Dave, Rado learned how to assimilate different

styles to give his own playing a unique voice.  He also studied with local Philadelphia session players Eric Dutko, and Joe Mass.


From studying with a range of different teachers and mentors, he has developed a strong sense of what works and what doesn't when it comes to growing as a guitarist and musician. He has taken it upon himself to pass this wisdom and experience onto the many students who he has helped over the years.


Rado strongly believes in continual self-improvement and is constantly studying to expand and improve his skill-set as both a teacher and musician. 


As a guitarist and songwriter, Rado has played in bands that have done single show openers for The John Mayer Trio, Dido, Fountains of Wayne and Ari Hest, among other artists; and has opened Philly's y-100 Feztival. He has also had a spell as backing vocalist and lead/rhythm guitarist for The Black Nature Band, where he backed up MC and percussionsit, Black Nature, of the acclaimed Sierra Leone's Refugees All-Stars'.  He has taken up similar duties for California's premier Afro-Beat band Albino; as well as for SF-base West African Funk crew, Wontanara Revolution.  Currently he can be seen performing in San Francisco and the Bay Area with the boundlessly talented soul songstress Lela Caro in Lela Caro & Rado.  And he also stays busy heading up the groove quintet Cross Fade, a project that combines his passions for both groove and jazz.

Click here to listen to some of Rado's original music.

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