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Online Workshops


Focused multi-week classes to develop fundamental guitar skills.

Ear Training

for Guitarists 101

Painters perfect their use of colors.  Writers sharpen their use of words.  Musicians improve the use of their ears.  To really refine their playing, every musician will have to tackle ear training.  This workshop focuses on guitar-centered ear training drills designed to help guitarists identify scales and modes more accurately. 



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Jazz 1: Jazz

Chord Theory




Jazz is a creative and expressive style of music for all instruments.  The guitar has a special place in this genre.  Learn the theory behind jazz harmony.  And improve your vocabulary of jazz chords.  




guitarist playing custom made jazz guitar.jpg

Jazz 2: Walking Bass and Comping for Jazz Guitar

This workshop is a natural extension of the jazz chord theory workshop.  In this class, guitarists learn the traditional art of comping while walking bass.  Free up your hands and imagination while flying through your favorite jazz compositions!



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