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Jazz Guitar: Walking Bass 101


Free up your comping skills with this 6-week series on constructing and playing walking bass lines for guitar!


Knowing how to walk a bass line is an essential part of any jazz guitar player's repertoire. 

In Jazz Guitar: Walking Bass 101, you'll learn how to play fluid basslines over your favorite standards.


You'll explore:


major and minor ii-V-I's

chromatic approaches

modal approaches

constructing scale-wise bass lines

constructing chord tone based bass lines

approaching from the 5th

chord substitutions

and more


1-hour classes will be held on Wednesday nights 7-8pm from 5/27-7/1 at Noe Valley, Ministry, @ 1021 Sanchez St, SF CA 94114.


For more information call 415-374-7879 or click here.


The 6-week series is $250; 10% discount if you sign up by 5/15.

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